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Jana Pulkrabek - Founder / Artistic Director

What is one of your favorite memories?   Sitting with my grandmother in the kitchen.

Describe yourself in max three words.   Pink Champagne 

What is a sound you love?   Birds chirping to announce spring is finally there.

Who was your hero when you were a child?   Marilyn Monroe 

You are an artist because….  This is the best profession in the world.

Jana Pulkrabek: producer, director, actress, writer and festival director – has been creating and producing cross-border-work between Hamburg, Copenhagen and Malmö for more than 8 years now, contributing to a dynamic cultural exchange within the region.  Jana Pulkrabek studied acting, theatre and film in New York (Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute, The Actor’s Studio), London and Berlin. While working as an international theatre director and film producer, she founded the company Manusarts GmbH  for film, theatre, art in collaboration with her brother Petja Pulkrabek. Starting a long-term partnership with the Hamburg Ministry of Culture in 2010, Jana directed and produced numerous international cross-border projects for the department of cultural exchange. 

In 2015 she curated Hamburg’s official cultural program for the 25th anniversary of the city-twinning of Hamburg and Prague. Her theatre-dance production "The Myth Kafka - Worlds of a Visionary", which was the main event of the celebrations, was also invited to open CPH Stage 2015. In 2017 Jana set up HIT-House of International Theatre in Copenhagen with a local partner, presenting more than 25 international theatre projects until 2021. 

Her 2019 founded cross-border-festival MOVE THE NORTH culturally connects the regions of Hamburg, Copenhagen and Malmö and brings together artists from all discipline. The network platform, which she runs together with her brother and company co-owner Petja Pulkrabek, presents cultural events in all three countries on up to 100 days annually. 


Hap (actress), Vodka Talks (actress) , Don’t mention the war (director), The Thin Place (actress)

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