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We are about people and performance.


And we love theatre!


HIT INTERNATIONAL THEATRE ARTS focuses on exciting English-language theatre projects, which combine creatives from Scandinavia, Germany and the UK. Under the umbrella of the cross-border festival MOVE THE NORTH, the brand creates international cultural ties in Europe, with an extra focus on a region covering, though not exclusively so, Malmö/southern Sweden, Copenhagen and Hamburg. Both with its own original work and in house productions, the exchange of guest productions, as well as educational and networking initiatives being produced and presented in all three regions.


At HIT INTERNATIONAL THEATRE ARTS we firmly believe in the power of culture. If economy is the engine of a nation, culture represents its soul.

Our vision is to present exciting international performances, move theatre across country borders and create a network platform for artists to connect and work globally. We believe in relevant theatre of quality that provides food for thought and has strong entertainment value.


To trigger creative & cultural impact for the future.

“If you want to make an impact, if you want people to discover the similarities between different cultures, countries, religions and mentalities, if you want people to reflect and react – use theatre, music and art." Quote by former Mayor of Culture in Copenhagen -Pia Allerslev, Move the North Ambassador and brand consultant

Our mission at HIT INTERNATIONAL THEATRE ARTS is to create and present exciting theatre and at the same time, support the strategic growth of a vibrant and dynamic cultural bridge across the Baltic Sea and around the regions of Hamburg, Copenhagen, Malmö and beyond. In this way we create closer cultural ties in theatre between Scandinavia and continental Europe.

Why now?

Art and culture thrive on movement and in interaction. Through encounters with other nations, new impulses can emerge.  A living example is the Fehmarn Belt fixed link currently under-construction in this region. In 2029 the Fehmarnbelt fixed link, tunnel and accelerated transport routes will allow two of the most attractive regions of Europe to move closer together.

With its span from Malmö to Hamburg, HIT INTERNATIONAL THEATRE ARTS is uniquely placed to make this happen. A mutual cultural goal becomes a living experience for the people of the North – presenting them with and exchanging theatre, performance and artistic experience and culture, moving artists and performance from Denmark and Germany and Sweden.

HIT INTERNATIONAL THEATRE ARTS is an open and inclusive brand, we audition for actors, are always looking for new partners, collaborations, experience and talent from the performing arts sector. Contact us if you have ideas to share.


Jana Pulkrabek:

Artistic Director / Brand Owner

Copenhagen / Sweden

Vanessa Poole:

Brand Associate / Associate Producer


Jessica O'Hara:

Angelique Giroir:  

Joan Bentsen:  

Filip Orestes Misiak:  

Network Associate

Administration & Production Assistant

Production Assistant

Brand Photographer


Petja Pulkrabek:

Alexander Kruuse-Mettin: 

Brand Associate / Move the North

Advisory Brand Consultant / Hamburg

With special thanks to

Pia Allerslev:

Former Mayor of Culture in Copenhagen, Move the North Ambassador / brand consultant

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