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HIT INTERNATIONAL THEATRE ARTS is located under the registered legal company HITMOVES ApS., Denmark.


The company was founded in 2022 in Denmark by brand owner Jana Pulkrabek, also functioning as the legal production company for HIT INTERNATIONAL THEATRE ARTS in house productions, presenting international cross-border theatre, performing primarily in English. 


In collaboration with brand associate Vanessa Poole, the brand aims to develop and support international cultural ties, particularly in theatre, with an extra focus on a region covering, though not exclusively so, Malmö/southern Sweden, Copenhagen and Hamburg.



Vodka Talks

VODKA TALKS follows two sisters’ conversation as they sort through their late father’s estate, in their family villa on the edge of Lake Constance, after their father's funeral. To the sister’s horror, their father has left all his money to the extreme German right-wing political party AFD. The only possession he passes on to his daughters is the family villa, tying them to a past, they both badly try to escape. Digging up the secrets of their childhood requires a shot of vodka – or two… while many hidden mysteries contained in the house unfold.


HAP - On Stage

Two very different city-slicker women, on either end of a slippery therapist’s couch! Meet Hap. Despite all attempts to be a miserablist she can’t ever be unhappy. Unhappy at being happy, she visits Doctor Marples seeking a cure. Doctor Marples, herself desperate for joy, doesn’t know how to be happy in the first place! Through the ongoing monotony of Brexit, Corona and takeaways-for-one, Hap and her doctor find to their surprise, giggles and romance in the most unlikely of places.

Brand and company build upon a creative path and valuable experience gained in the performing arts, originally established with House of International Theatre, a platform co-founded in 2017 by Jana Pukrabek and Hamburg based German production company Manusarts GmbH.

Manusarts GmbH In House Productions / for HOUSE OF INTERNATIONAL THEATRE


The Clean House

Brazilian comedienne Matilde discovers that no one will pay to hear her jokes. Forced to clean for the upper classes, the world and household of her new employer Doctor Lane hilariously falls apart. Not only with the arrival of Lane’s fetish cleaner-sister Virginia but more so with the arrival of her husband’s mistress. Charles, also a Doctor, has fallen in love with his beautiful and much older patient Ana. While apples fall and hearts are broken, Matilde tries to think up the world’s best joke -so hilariously funny, that once you hear it, you will die of laughter.


The Lover

“Is your lover coming today?”, the wife asks casually as she is about to leave for work. As this seems far from ordinary, you may wonder; why is she asking so mysteriously liberal? Does she not mind her husband having a lover? Is this an open relationship – a way to spice up their love life? A couple’s most intimate moments present a classic Pinteresque twist that gives the themes of unfaithfulness and marriage a new dimension – and implies some insecurities that cannot be said out loud.

Sex and Betrayal Between The Sheets.2.jpg

Sex and Betrayal Between the Sheets

Sex and Betrayal: These tantalising topics receive an intimate investigation in this humorous and sexy cabaret, as we examine the ins and outs of intimacy, the plurality of monogamy, and what it really means to let your heart decide. A story of love and betrayal and an investigation into the roots of an affair, featuring lovers, sexual appetites, internet acquaintances and dangerous liaisons.


Slapstick Sherlock

Sherlock Holme’s relationship with his underdog assistant Watson leads to a lot of confusion, especially since the holy Miss Hudson is not only wearing the pants in the house but also the highest leather boots. Who is really the smart brain behind „The Brain“, solving the mystery of how the Blue Carbuncle ended up in the Christmas goose. A witty and modern satire combining slapstick humor with classical theatre and musical elements.


No Exit Reloaded

What have you done? Why are you in hell? Yulia, sniper and spree killer. Liam, commissioner of state murder. Kamilla, guerilla and black widow. Three killers trapped in a room for eternety. Each with their own story, their individual pathways to hell. Hell is other people.
A modern retelling of Jean-Paul Sartre’s famous play by Bafta Award-winning playwright John Foster. Dark. Violent. Sexy.



Lovers, Authors and other Strangers

Sex and the City meets the classics. Great American humor at it’s best. New York City is of course the center of the Universe, so are the three blonde divas circling around one good looking man, competing in a passionate pile of comedy. A humorous evening presenting short stories, scenes and parodies by Dortothy Parker, Woody Allen and other comedian masters, who know how to turn bittersweet into fabulous laughter and finely define the difference between male and female.

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