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Camilla Søeberg - Actress

Accomplished Danish actress Camilla has performed on stage for HIT (House of International Theatre) before in 2020 for the Harold Pinter play “Old Times”.  We are delighted to have her back playing Felicity in ON THE ROCKS, play number three of Ben Hamilton's trio of three short plays "Don't mention the War".

Camilla is known and well-loved in Denmark for her in TV and film appearances in productions such as: “Wannabe” shortfilm 2029; “The Dolphin” shortfilm 2017; “Tomgang” series 2013; “Klassenfesten” film 2011; “A.Hitler”, film 2011; “The Pact” series 2009; “Grisen” shortfilm 2008; “Nynne” series 2006; “Spur der Hoffnung” film 2006; “En soap” film 2006; “Gottlieb” shortfilm 2001, “The Empty Mirror” film 1996; and others.


Don’t mention the war (actress)

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