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Lars Junggreen - Director

What is one of your favorite memories?   The moment I found out who I was - and am.

Describe yourself in max three words.   Intuitive, Impulsive, Workaholic.

What is a sound you love?   The sound of Birds – come morning, come night.

Who was your hero when you were a child?   Pinocchio – He came alive, as did my world.

You are an artist because….  The gap between reality and imagination is not that far apart – If you embrace that feeling.

Curosity is the exact word that got Lars into the world of theater. After graduating, his long journey started with a myriad of roles, including the role of Hamlet in a Hamlet Collage, directed by Charles Marowitz, which was quite an experience for a 27-year-old young man.

An impressive acting career, which spans more than 40 years, has given Lars the opportunity to perform many leading acting roles for theatre, film and tv.


As a director he has directed more than 35 stage performances. His further journey has led him to work as a theater educator for the three major Danish state schools. Lars has been the principal director of Århus drama school for 8 years, with further engagement for dramaturgy at Århus Teater and Ålborg Teater for over 6 years. He enjoyed his tasks as being a member of the State Performing Arts Committee, the artistic director of Aarhus Theater, as well as board member for both, Aarhus Theater and Theater Plan B, the later one for a total of 9 years. Lars ended recently his teaching career, after concluding a 5-year position as associate professor at the Danish School of Performing Arts. Some of his most notable and cherished performances as actor have been: Cabaret, Richard D. III, The Merchant of Venice, La Cage aux Folles, A Christmas Carol, Gray, Night Creatures (Noreen), Three Penny Opera, Waiting for Godot, The Wild Duck, King Lear, Total Eclipse.


Vodka Talks (director), Don't mention the War (director) 

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