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The Lover


Cast: Jana Pulkrabek, Tom Hale
Directed by: Jeremy M. Thomas-Poulsen
Light & Sounddesign: Paul Damade
Set Design: Jeremy M. Thomas-Poulsen
Written by: Sarah Ruhl

Produced by: Manusarts GmbH, Down The Rabbit Hole International Theatre

Presented at
HIT-House of International Theatre, Huset-KBH, Copenhagen,

Date: 30.01.2019 – 03.02.2019


Photos by: Filip Misiak Orestes


“Is your lover coming today?”, the wife asks casually as she is about to leave for work. As this seems far from ordinary, you may wonder; why is she asking so mysteriously liberal? Does she not mind her husband having a lover? Is this an open relationship – a way to spice up their love life? A couple’s most intimate moments present a classic Pinteresque twist that gives the themes of unfaithfulness and marriage a new dimension – and implies some insecurities that cannot be said out loud.

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