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Cast: Vanessa Poole Jönsson, Jana Pulkrabek

Directed by: Lars Junggreen

Set Design: Lars Junggreen

Written by: Arne Nielsen

Photography: PR-Photos by Filip Orestes Misiak, Set-Photos by JPS

Producers: Jana Pulkrabek, Vanessa Poole

​Produced by: HITMOVES ApS in collaboration with Manusarts GmbH



VODKA TALKS when on the night of their father’s funeral two sisters reveal hidden secrets in a family drama, in the English-Language world premiere of Danish cult author Arne Nielsen’s thrilling debut stage play directed by Lars Junggreen.


Danish author Arne Nielsen grew up in Denmark and Norway. He lives and works in Hamburg where he reached cult status with his books and short stories, writing in German. His first theatre play “Die Vodka Gespräche” performed at the Berlin Rennaissance Theatre and Kammerspiele Hamburg. The world premiere of the original first-time-ever English-language translation was held in Malmö, Sweden in Autumn 2022, with the Denmark premiere following 20.-22. April 2023 in Copenhagen at Teatret ved Sorte Hest.


VODKA TALKS follows two sisters’ conversation as they sort through their late father’s estate, in their family villa on the edge of Lake Constance, after their father's funeral. Edda, married to Robert, has children, the other, Freya, lives her life as a failed artist in changing relationships. Their father has left all his money to the extreme German right-wing political party AFD. The only possession he passes on to his daughters is the family villa, tying them to a past, which especially Freya has been trying to escape from. Digging up the secrets of their childhood requires a shot of vodka – or two… As the sisters' conversation evolves into first and current loves, and a discussion about religion and politics, many hidden mysteries contained in the house unfold. The  early death of their mother, the door to Mama's room which has been locked for years, and in the end, two letters which will reveal the truth.

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