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In Pre-Production:
Don't Mention the War - by Ben Hamilton
World premiere
Directed by: Pamela Scherman, Jana Pulkrabek
On Stage: Tom Hale, Isabel Escudero Zorde, Charly Waller, Vanessa Poole

DON’T MENTION THE WAR is an Anglo-Danish trio of three highly original short plays by Copenhagen-based newsman & playwright Ben Hamilton. A mixture of comedy, drama and political satire, the plays explore how a country’s quest for a brighter future resulted in self-destruction.

Brexit: the ransacker that came in the night to steal reason, relationships and our very reality. In ‘Cats and Dogs’, Stephen and Janne wake up to a new era on 1 January 1973 as both Denmark and the UK join the EU, but will their new-found love turn as sour as Britain’s enthusiasm for the common market. In ‘The Falklands War’, it dawns on Argentina that Britain’s heart will always be a barren island surrounded by cold seas. And in ‘On the Rocks’, Felicity learns that as much as Michael tries to escape the present, he can’t run from the past. This cross-over multimedia theatre play is combining on stage drama, elements of surrealism, actors, live music, dance and video installation. The production presents entertaining theatre to create a thought-provoking analysis and ironic commentary on the current and highly relevant theme of the history of war in Europe – most particularly Brexit and its impact and continuing significance in the context of Europe and the European Union.

Led and developed by an international collective of high profile artists, the production combines a European mix of multilingual -  speaking performers and artists who have themselves swapped  borders, moved around and contribute to an EU and post-Brexit European reality.

Cast: Tom Hale, Isabel Escudero Zorde, Charly Waller, Vanessa Poole and others

Directed by: Pamela Schermann, Jana Pulkrabek

Music by: Mashti Mads Nordheim

Written by: Ben Hamilton

Produced by: HITMOVES ApS, Manusarts

Producers: Jana Pulkrabek
, Vanessa Poole Jönsson


Coming 2023 to Copenhagen and Malmö.


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