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On Stage:
Warrior Woman - by Tina Robinson

WARRIOR WOMAN is a project developed and produced by Tina Robinson from Action Art with the aim “to bring women warriors of the past back into the history books of our time, to recreate balance in the world”.

Has there ever been balance between the sexes? Has there ever been true equality between the sexes? Increasing not only our awareness of, but also our belief in the existence of women warriors, is a way to truly open our minds and change the collective consciousness. Women have been fighting and hunting alongside men since humankind began! But because the study of archeology had begun in the 1700’s, when women and men had very different roles in society, researching historical findings was influenced by the societal norms of the time. It is relatively recent that these practices have changed. It takes a lot longer to change the narrative of something that has been based on a misconception for hundreds of years.

In lecture demonstrations Tina is not only telling but showing the audience how women fighters from the past lived and fought. Also revealing that even the classical history books from thousands of years ago have been misinterpreted to fit the common understanding of the roles of the sexes of both the author and the researcher. Women who fought and hunted in ancient times had been misunderstood by the patriarchal Greek and Roman historians and then again by the readers. Thus, the myth of the Amazons was born and kept alive. Time to change the narrative…!

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Produced by: Tina Robinson

Warrior Woman has recently performed at the MOVE THE NORTH “Nordic Summer Vibes” festival in Hamburg, Germany (19th – 25th September 2022).

Stay tuned for upcoming performing dates

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