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Tina Robinson - Project Developer

What is one of your favorite memories?   My birthday reception with colleagues I've worked, studied and performed with throughout the years. I found out that I know so many wonderful people.

Describe yourself in max three words.   Fun, serious, loving

What is a sound you love?   The ocean

Who was your hero when you were a child?   Zorro

You are an artist because….  I was born to perform. I feel most alive when I perform, especially something with a message. I love to move peoples' hearts and minds.

Tina was born and raised in Northern California, where she got a BA in Dramatic Arts. After studying acting in London, where she also received her certification in stage combat, she  continued training in California. When Tina moved to Denmark to study physical theater technique, she also began to teach stuntpersons in weapons technique for stage and film, which is her special area of expertise. Since the 1990’s, Tina has been devising and performing in action shows (with and without horses) and choreographing fight scenes. Besides working as a vocal and acting coach, she enjoys teaching stage combat, movement, maskwork, and historical riding with weaponry. Tina has specialized on presenting historically based performances. With a passion “to bring women warriors of the past back into the history books”, her mission is equality through the knowledge of ancient women warriors and huntresses.


Warrior Woman (owner, producer, director), Don't Mention The War (actress)


Photo credits gallery: to be announced

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